About Us

Our Mission

To enable consumers to better manage their lifestyle, health, and performance through disruptive technology, partnerships, and innovations.

What is TrainerMD®?

TrainerMD® (TMD®) is a B2B2C managed service provider with a next generation consumer lifestyle management platform connecting the health, fitness, nutrition, wellness and enterprise markets using a SaaS business model. TMD® deploys HIPAA compliant solutions which power stand-alone programs or layer new TMD® services on top of existing programs. Compliance enables new collaboration and data sharing between trainers, coaches and other non-medical professionals with healthcare providers in real-time. TrainerMD® 360 Lifestyle is a best practice wellness program that has been prescribed by physicians and clinicians successfully for more than seven-years. The medical community in partnership with TMD® has referred patients into TMD on-site pilots for Medical Weight Loss, Diabetes Lifestyle, Post Cardiac Rehabilitation, Post Physical Therapy, Injury Recovery & Prevention and Chronic Health Management programs.

Why TrainerMD®?

A hockey injury and subsequent knee surgery left TrainerMD® founder and CEO Joe Howley in pain and partially disabled for over 10-years. When Joe could not find solutions within the healthcare system, he led a team of professionals from multiple industries in a comprehensive seven-year research and development project to find answers on his own. Joe was able to recover 100% from his injury and return to hockey. Joe founded TrainerMD to help others avoid, recover, and prevent injuries and more in order to achieve peak performance and optimum health.

Who is TrainerMD®?

TrainerMD® was founded by a specialized team team of dedicated and passionate lifestyle leaders from multiple industries. We are a team of advisers, managers, and consultants from the medical, technology, fitness, sports, nutrition, wellness, and business worlds. The diversity of the TMD® team spans multiple generations, resulting in the most comprehensive approach to lifestyle and health management solutions. Together, the TrainerMD team and affiliates are working collectively to empower consumer health and performance management for tomorrow's results today.