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About Us

TrainerMD® is the leader in next-gen human performance.

We provide members with expert onsite services integrated with our patented mobile platform for an experience like no other. Through years of research and innovation from performance experts, we offer the most holistic approach to reach peak performance with optimal safety.

Onsite Services

Members receive evidence-based human performance evalutations at all of our certified locations. Gain insights through personalized coaching covering body composition, strength, mobility, nutrition, health and more.

Online Tools

Members also get access to the world's first Human Performance Cloud™ developed exclusively for our clients. Track your activities, training, stress, progress and more all in one place with your own AI-driven score.

Coaching and Education

Go beyond the clipboard and see yourself like never before while learning. We strive to empower members through providing individualized ways to reduce risk and reach new levels.

Members Optimized

Onsite Evaluations

12 Million+
Collected Data Points

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Core Member Benefits

Using our all-in-one health and fitness system, members will discover new ways to better stay ready, resilient, and optimal.

Rapid Rehabilitation

Unfortunately injuries can happen, but when they do, our members get back to, keep, and improve their abilities to perform more quickly with their own team of trusted professionals in the cloud.

Enhanced Recovery

Inches and seconds can mean everything, that is why each of our members have the right data on the go needed to ensure excellent training without excessive overuse and risk.

Adaptive Reconditioning

Don't settle for less than 100% after an injury. Enjoy your personalized PreFormance Score™ that learns you over time, providing personalized AI powered predicitons to get back to your best.

Visit the PreFormance Labs™

Get exlusive access to our state-of-the-art facilities designed by human performance experts.

  1. Coaching and Education on Member Tools and Reports
  2. Private Workshops and Events by Human Performance Leaders
  3. Discounted Performance Gear, Tech, Supplements and More
  4. Comprehensive 1-on-1 Evaluations in a Single 60 Minute Session
    1. Diet/Nutrition
    2. Strength
    3. Balance
    4. Flexibility
    5. Mass/BMI
    6. V02 Max
    7. Cardiorespiratory
    8. Musculoskeletal
    9. Mood/Stress
    10. Hydration/Sleep
    11. Social and Behavior

Optimize in the PreFormance Cloud™

Enjoy access to our patented members-only dashboard that collects, manages, and analyzes thousands
of your data points without the need for any special training or education.


Micro-Nutrition Meal Planning

Macro's only scratch the surface, when performance counts, micro's are critical. We make managing micro-nutrition and meal planning easier than ever with our included AI powered nutrition tools.

Mobile Audio Coaching and Bio-feedback Workouts

Beating your PR safely means being able to predict not just tomorrow's workout, but also those for the days after. Members get custom activity trackers with mobile bio-monitoring driven by AI audio coaching to improve training around the clock.

3-D Body Composition and Segmented Analysis

Our members work hard for their progress, so we work hard to provide the most advanced ways to tracking changes. See yourself 3-D and in a multi-dimensional body composition analysis including muscle quality, fat mass, body-segmentation and more in one place.

3rd Party Mobile Device and App Integration

With hundreds of thousands of apps and devices in the market today, it can be challenging to take the guess-work out. Every connected app and device is vetted by TrainerMD® experts providing members with only the best.

Real-Time Insights with Notifications

Learn from real-time alerts and notification keeping your progress moving forward without waiting on appointments. Take charge and be on top of changes as they happen across mind, body, and spirit at the same time.

Provider Scheduling and Communication

Don't miss out on getting a great day in towards your goals. Manage appointments, workouts, sessions, training, lessons, drills, and more with your support team in a single platform.


Know More About Yourself with the PreFormance AI Report™

See your own personal "Credit Score" of human potential. Our algorithms are designed by some of the world's best Human Performance Intelligence experts.

  • Personalized Benchmarks from Multiple Gold Standards
    (Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, and More)
  • Lead Yourself without the Need for Advanced Knowledge or Skills
  • Enhance Collaboration with Your Coaches, Trainers, and Providers
  • Enjoy Peace-of-Mind with Patented Security and Privacy
  • Identify, Detect, and Protect Against Preventable Injuries
Brian Ward

Brian Ward
Belfast Giants
Pro Hockey Athlete

"I really didn't know the difference between a preventable and non-preventable injury. In Pro sports, there's a big difference."

"TrainerMD® really gives me access to information that I didn't know I needed until I had the information for myself."

Our Expert Team

Membership Plans

We offer memberships to individuals and organizations, including licensing opportunities for those interested in offering our products and services.


$ 199.99


  • One TrainerMD® PreFormance Assessment™
  • One Year of Access to the TrainerMD® Human PreFormance Cloud™
  • One Year of Mobile AI Micro-Nutrition Meal Planning
  • One Personalized TrainerMD® Human PreFormance Report™
  • Monthly Access to Onsite Workshops, Events, and Webinars
Beginner's Choice


$ 1999.99

paid in full

  • Monthly TrainerMD® PreFormance Assessments™
  • One Year of TrainerMD® Human PreFormance Cloud® Access
  • One Year of Mobile AI Micro-Nutrition Meal Planning
  • Personalized TrainerMD® Human PreFormance Reports™ Each Month
  • Integrated Jabra® Mobile Activity Tracker with Real-Time Heart Rate Sensor
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Group Rates

paid annually

  • Collective PreFormance AI Reports™ Across the Organization
  • Population Level Human Performance Management Tools
  • PreFormance Cloud™ Access for Staff, Members and Family
  • Licensing for TrainerMD® Products, Content and Services
  • Expert Consulting and Advising Support from Our Network
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team
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TrainerMD® in the News

See why audiences are saying that TrainerMD® is changing the future of health and fitness. From local communities, to national and global outlets, people have a lot to say about how our members are unlocking the next-generation of human potential.

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Recent Projects

Our team loves to work with other industry leaders to keep our members enaged and empowered. Check out some innovative initiatives we are working on.

TrainerMD® Teams Up with the American Nurses Association for Provider Wellness

TMD Labs Research

TrainerMD® has partnered with the Massacusetts American Nurses Association (ANA) chapter to create next-generation workplace safety and wellness programs for healthcare professionals.

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Jabra® and TrainerMD® Develop First Physician Directed Wearable Wellness Program

TMD Marketing Business Development

TrainerMD® has developed a solution with global mobile fitness and health technology leader Jabra/GN in order to offer the first physician directed mobile wellness program.

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3-D Body Scanning Integrated into TrainerMD® Next-Gen Human Performance Programs

TMD DevOps Technology

Styku®, an LA based Techstars finalist, partners with TrainerMD® to develop new ways to use non-invasive 3-D body scanning to provide new data for tracking human performance.

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