Our Expert Advisers

TrainerMD® is proud to have an Expert Adviser Board consisting of over 500 years of combined insight and wisdom spanning everything from technology, to medicine, fitness, wellness, business, and more. Providing the world's most comprehensive intelligent lifestyle and health solutions could not be possible without the right team of experts.

Dr. Adam Babcock, PT, DPT

Owner, Sustained Fitness

Dr. Ryan Billich, PT, DPT

Owner, Sustained Fitness

Dr. Stefanie Rousselle, PT, DPT, BS, CSCS, RYT

Owner, Boston Health and Wellness

Dr. Stephen Scmitz, MD, MPH

Supplement Safety Solutions

Darryl Elliot

Elliot Physical Therapy

Erik Kaloyanides

Owner, Athletic Evolution

Eric Wilson, NSAM, ACSM, NSCA

Owner, Movement Sciences

Doug Fairbanks

Owner, Athlete Strength

Dennis Franczak

Owner, Fuseideas Digital Marketing

Mark Worcester

Owner, Technology Consulting

Matthew Furlong

IT Entrepreneur

David Goldman

Owner, Goldman Physical Therapy

Mark Cummings

Marketing and PR

Joseph Proia

Sales and Support

Bernie Heine, MBA

Development and Strategy

Ken DeMoura

Business and Professional Law

Edward Russavage

Business and Professional Law

Mark Solakian

Intellectual Property and Compliance